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noun | verb

quiz noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
examen corto, prueba

Example sentences of
quiz noun

  • The teacher gave us a quiz on the material we studied yesterday.
  • Always eager to put everything down, my boyfriend had to be a quiz and make fun of the actors and costumes in our local theater troupe's latest production.
¿Solo tengo que agregar -es para crear la forma plural?
  • En esta palabra, la z final se duplica para la forma plural - quizzes.

quiz verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
quizzed, has quizzed, is quizzing, quizzes
interrogar, hacer una prueba a (en el colegio)

Example sentences of
quiz verb

  • quickly quizzed her about the assignment before heading off to class
  • hated the way those relatives would quiz me about my partner and our living arrangements
¿Este verbo tiene una inflexión regular?
  • La z final de este verbo se duplica en todas sus inflexiones - quizzes, quizzed y quizzing.

Detailed synonyms for quiz verb

See: Ask

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Reverse translation for quiz

prueba  - proof, evidence, trial, test, proof (in printing or photography), event, qualifying round (in sports) 
interrogar  - to interrogate, to question 
hacer una prueba a  (en el colegio)
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