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propose verb

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proposed, has proposed, is proposing, proposes
pensar, proponerse; proponer matrimonio; proponer

Example sentences of
propose verb

  • The scientists proposed a new theory.
  • The mayor proposed a plan for a new bridge.
  • Several senators have proposed raising the tax.
  • I propose that we revise the bylaws.
  • They propose to buy a new house.
  • How do you propose solving this problem?
  • The chairman proposed the young executive as a candidate for promotion.

Synonyms of
propose verb

Detailed synonyms for propose verb

Propose, pose, suggest, submit significan poner ante la mente para ser pensado o considerado.
  • Propose indica esencialmente una invitación a considerar, comentar, resolver o ponerse de acuerdo sobre alguna pregunta o proposición claramente expuesta <he finally proposed marriage> <she proposed a solution>, o bien presentar a una persona como candidato <proposed his colleague for attorney general>.
  • Pose, el cual es muy cercano a propound, suele indicar que no se intentará, o que no puede intentarse, obtener una respuesta inmediata <let me pose a question for your consideration>.
  • Suggest connota ofrecer una idea <we suggested that everyone go in the same car>.
  • Submit, un término un poco informal, connota ofrecer una opinión <I submit that the automobile has influenced the lives of Americans more than any other invention>.

Reverse translation for propose

pensar  - to think, to think, to think about, to intend, to plan on 
proponerse  - to intend, to plan, to set out 
proponer  - to propose, to suggest, to nominate 
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