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lean verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
leaned, has leaned, is leaning, leans
apoyar; inclinar; sostenerse

Example sentences of
lean verb

  • He leaned back in his chair.
  • He leaned his chair back.

Detailed synonyms for lean verb

See: Slant

lean adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
delgado, flaco; sin grasa, magro (dícese de la carne)

Example sentences of
lean adjective

  • She has a lean, athletic body.
  • All of the marathoners are extremely lean.

Synonyms of
lean adjective

Detailed synonyms for lean adjective

Lean, spare, lanky, gaunt, scrawny, skinny, bony significan delgado a causa de no tener un exceso de carne.
  • Lean recalca la carencia de grasa y de contornos curvos <tall, lean, and well muscled>.
    antonyms: fleshy
  • Spare connota una delgadez que resulta de un estilo sobrio de vida o de ejercicio constante <the spare form of a long-distance runner>.
  • Lanky connota torpeza junto con flexibilidad y delgadez <a lanky, awkward youth>.
    antonyms: burly
  • Gaunt indica una marcada delgadez o escualidez, tal como la que resulta del exceso de trabajo, la desnutrición o el sufrimiento <her gaunt face showed the effects of hunger and disease>.
  • Scrawny connota ser extremadamente delgado y ligero o empequeñecido <a scrawny chicken>.
    antonyms: brawny, fleshy, obese
  • Skinny indica una delgadez que connota una deficiencia de fuerza y vitalidad <skinny fashion models>.
    antonyms: fleshy
  • Bony significa ser flaco o escuálido, sin implicar desnutrición <she had been bony in her teens>.

leer verbo

to read

Phrasal verbs for lean

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Reverse translation for lean

apoyar  - to support, to back, to lean, to rest 
inclinar  - to tilt, to lean, to incline 
sostenerse  - to stand, to hold oneself up, to continue, to remain 
delgado  - thin, skinny, slender, slim, delicate, fine, sharp, clever 
flaco  - thin, skinny, feeble, weak 
magro  (dícese de la carne) - lean (of meat), meager 
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