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irritate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
irritated, has irritated, is irritating, irritates
irritar, molestar; irritar (en medicina)

Example sentences of
irritate verb

  • It's his arrogance that really irritates me.
  • The other passengers were irritated by the child's rudeness.
  • Harsh soaps can irritate the skin.

Detailed synonyms for irritate verb

1. Irritate, exasperate, nettle, provoke, aggravate, rile, peeve significan suscitar un sentimiento de enojo y fastidio.
  • Irritate indica el causar, a menudo de forma gradual, sentimientos de enojo que pueden abarcar desde la impaciencia hasta la rabia <irritated by her constant nagging>.
  • Exasperate connota una molestia fastidiosa que produce una impaciencia extrema <his exasperating tendency to arrive late for everything>.
    antonyms: appease, mollify
  • Nettle connota un ligero y transitorio aguijonear o picar <several of her small habits nettled him>.
  • Provoke indica el incitar un fuerte disgusto o enojo que puede estimular la acción <enjoyed provoking him with her sly remarks>.
    antonyms: gratify
  • Aggravate indica un aguijoneo persistente, y a menudo mezquino, que causa el desagrado, la impaciencia o la cólera <his latest blunder had aggravated the situation>.
    antonyms: appease
  • Rile indica el inducir una agitación colérica o rencorosa <this statement had riled the Chinese government>.
  • Peeve connota el causar una irritación fastidiosa, y a menudo mezquina o quejumbrosa <she was peeved at him but soon forgot about it>.
2. See: Annoy

Reverse translation for irritate

irritar  - to irritate 
molestar  - to be a nuisance, to annoy, to bother, to disturb, to disrupt 
irritar  (en medicina) - to irritate 
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