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2 Translation results for grasp in Spanish

verb | noun

grasp verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
grasped, has grasped, is grasping, grasps
agarrar, asir; entender, comprender

Example sentences of
grasp verb

  • I grasped the end of the rope and pulled as hard as I could.
  • I grasped the rope by its end.
  • His arthritis is so bad he can barely grasp a pencil.

Detailed synonyms for grasp verb

grasp noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
agarre; control, garras; alcance; comprensión, entendimiento

Example sentences of
grasp noun

  • The author shows a weak grasp of military strategy.
  • The books on the top shelf are just beyond my grasp.
  • She moved the toy to within the baby's grasp.
  • She felt the solution was within her grasp.

Synonyms of
grasp noun

Reverse translation for grasp

agarrar  - to grab, to grasp, to catch, to take, to grapple 
asir  - to seize, to grasp 
entender  - to figure out, to understand, to think, to believe, to mean, to intend, to infer, to deduce 
comprender  - to catch on, to comprehend, to understand, to cover, to include 
agarre  - grip, grasp 
control  - control, inspection, check, checkpoint, roadblock 
garras  - claw, hand, paw 
alcance  - reach, range, scope 
comprensión  - comprehension, understanding, grasp, understanding, sympathy 
entendimiento  - intellect, mind, understanding, agreement 
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