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form noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
forma, figura; manera; formulario; molde; clase, tipo; forma (en gramática)

Example sentences of
form noun

  • Coal is a form of carbon.
  • She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.
  • Stand-up comedy is a popular form of entertainment.
  • The shadowy forms of several people were visible through the smoke.
  • an ancient form of music
  • the written form of the language
  • a style of architecture that emphasizes form over function

Detailed synonyms for form noun

Form, figure, shape, contour significan apariencia exterior.
  • Form suele connotar referencia tanto a la estructura interior como al contorno exterior, y es a menudo el principio que proporciona unidad al todo <an architect's use of forms>.
  • Figure se aplica primordialmente a la forma tal y cómo se determina según los contornos que la encierran o limitan <cutting doll figures out of paper>.
  • Shape, al igual que figure, connota un contorno pero lleva una fuerte indicación del cuerpo o la masa encerrada dentro <the rounded shape of the monument>.
  • Contour aplica a la silueta, especialmente al borde curvo externo, de algo <he loved the car's sleek contours>.

form verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
formed, has formed, is forming, forms
formar; tomar forma, formarse; moldear, desarrollar; constituir; adquirir (un hábito), formar (una idea)

Example sentences of
form verb

  • She formed the dough into balls.
  • The friendship that they formed in school lasted a lifetime.
  • Her early experiences played an important role in forming her personality.
  • His ideas were not yet fully formed.
  • The drug can help prevent blood clots from forming.
  • Beads of sweat formed on his forehead.
  • A plan was gradually forming in my mind.
  • A plan was gradually forming itself in my mind.
  • An angry crowd was forming in the streets.

Detailed synonyms for form verb

See: Make

Related phrases for form

  • in top form - (informal) al cien por cien, al ciento por ciento

Reverse translation for form

forma  - form, shape, manner, way, fitness 
figura  - figure, shape, form 
manera  - way, manner, fashion 
formulario  - form 
molde  - mold, form 
clase  - class, sort, kind, type 
tipo  - type, kind, sort, figure, build, appearance, rate, (printing) type, typeface, style, model, guy 
forma  (en gramática) - form, shape, manner, way, fitness 
formar  - to form, to make, to constitute, to make up, to train, to educate 
formarse  - to develop, to take shape, to be educated 
moldear  - to mold, to shape, to cast 
desarrollar  - to develop 
constituir  - to constitute, to make up, to form, to establish, to set up 
adquirir  (un hábito) - to acquire, to gain, to purchase 
formar  (una idea) - to form, to make, to constitute, to make up, to train, to educate 
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