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feeling noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
sensación, sensibilidad; sentimiento; opinión

Example sentences of
feeling noun

  • I noticed tingling feelings in my fingers.
  • She had a queasy feeling in her stomach.
  • I had the feeling of something crawling across my foot.
  • We enjoyed the feeling of walking barefoot in the sand.
  • He had no feeling in his right leg.
  • He's been troubled by feelings of guilt.
  • There's no point in trying to hide your feelings.
  • He spoke with feeling about the injustice he had seen.
  • Have you no feeling for the plight of the homeless?
  • I can see that you have strong feelings about this subject.

Detailed synonyms for feeling noun

1. Feeling, emotion, sentiment, passion significan una reacción subjetiva a una persona, cosa o situación.
  • Feeling denota cualquier reacción caracterizada por cualidades tales como el placer, el dolor, la atracción o la repulsión, y puede no indicar nada en cuanto a la naturaleza o la intensidad de la reacción <never lost her fond feelings for him>.
  • Emotion conlleva una fuerte indicación de excitación o agitación y, al igual que feeling, abarca tanto las reacciones positivas como las negativas <tries not to show any real emotion at the office>.
  • Sentiment indica una emoción refinada, quizás romántica, y a veces artificial o afectada, y que tiene un componente intelectual <her feminist sentiments are well known>.
  • Passion connota una emoción poderosa o controladora caracterizada por la urgencia del deseo <his passion for trains eventually led to their divorce>.
2. Feeling, hunch, sense, inkling significan una idea intuitiva.
  • Feeling connota una opinión intuitiva, una creencia o una expectativa <she had a feeling that they weren't being honest>.
  • Hunch, un término informal, sugiere un fuerte sentimiento, no basado en hechos o evidencia, de que algo es cierto o que va a suceder <had a hunch that the horse was going to win>.
  • Sense connota un conocimiento consciente pero vago de algo <he had a sense that something had gone wrong>.
  • Inkling connota un conocimiento leve o una noción vaga acerca de algo específico <didn't have an inkling of what she meant>.

feeling adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

feel verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
felt, has felt, is feeling, feels
sentirse, encontrarse; tocar, palpar; parecer; sentir, creer, considerar; parecerse, opinar, pensar

Example sentences of
feel verb

  • He felt a sudden pain in his leg.
  • I could feel the warmth of the sun.
  • I felt someone tap my shoulder.
  • Do you feel a draft?
  • She felt the fabric to see if it was wool.
  • Your ribs are bruised, but I don't feel any broken bones.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado es felt.

Detailed synonyms for feel verb

See: Touch

Related phrases for feeling

Reverse translation for feeling

sensación  - feeling, sensation 
sensibilidad  - sensitivity, sensibility, feeling 
sentimiento  - feeling, emotion, regret, sorrow 
opinión  - opinion, belief 
sensible  - sensitive, considerable, significant 
sentirse  - to feel, to take offense 
encontrarse  - to meet, to clash, to conflict, to be 
tocar  - to knock, to ring, to touch, to feel, to handle, to touch on, to refer to, to concern, to affect, to play (a musical instrument) 
palpar  - to feel, to touch 
parecer  - to seem, to look, to appear to be, to think, to have an opinion, to like, to be in agreement 
sentir  - to feel, to experience, to have feeling, to feel, to perceive, to sense, to regret, to feel sorry for 
creer  - to believe, to suppose, to think 
considerar  - to consider, to think over, to judge, to deem, to treat with respect 
opinar  - to think, to think, to have an opinion, to express an opinion 
pensar  - to think, to think, to think about, to intend, to plan on 
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