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2 Translation results for enduring in Spanish

adjective | verb

enduring adjective

unfavorite favorite
duradero, perdurable, imperecedero

Example sentences of
enduring adjective

  • science fiction's enduring fascination with worlds beyond our own

Synonyms of
enduring adjective

Detailed synonyms for enduring adjective

See: Lasting

endure verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
endured, has endured, is enduring, endures
durar, perdurar; resistir, soportar, aguantar; tolerar

Example sentences of
endure verb

  • She wants to make sure her legacy will endure.
  • He endured five years as a prisoner of war.
  • We endured the lecture for as long as we could.

Detailed synonyms for endure verb

See: Bear, Continue

Reverse translation for enduring

duradero  - durable, lasting 
perdurable  - lasting 
imperecedero  - imperishable, immortal, everlasting 
durar  - to last, to endure 
perdurar  - to last, to endure, to survive 
resistir  - to resist, to stand, to bear, to tolerate, to withstand 
soportar  - to support, to hold up, to withstand, to resist, to bear, to tolerate, to put up with 
aguantar  - to hold out, to last, to bear with, to tolerate, to withstand, to hold 
tolerar  - to tolerate, to abide 
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