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abate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
abated, has abated, is abating, abates
amainar, menguar, disminuir

Example sentences of
abate verb

  • We waited for the wind to abate.
  • interest in the author's home abated as her novels waned in popularity

Detailed synonyms for abate verb

1. Abate, subside, wane, ebb, moderate, weaken significan amainar, disminuir en fuerza o intensidad.
  • Abate pone énfasis en una disminución gradual <waited until the storm abated>.
    antonyms: rise, revive
  • Subside indica un rebajamiento considerable, una disminución en el grado de turbulencia <the protests subsided after a few days>.
  • Wane agrega a abate la acción de menguar, de irse debilitando o desvaneciendo <a waning moon> y suele aplicarse a algo intenso o impresionante <the public's waning interest in spaceflight>.
    antonyms: wax
  • Ebb indica una mengua progresiva, particularmente de algo que comúnmente va y viene <confidence in the police had ebbed>.
    antonyms: flow rea, etc.)
  • Moderate connota reducir a un estado normal <the sun moderated the chill>.
  • Weaken significa perder fuerza o efectividad <his grip weakened>.
    antonyms: strengthen
2. See: Decrease

abatir verbo

to demolish, to knock down; to shoot down; to depress, to bring low

Reverse translation for abate

amainar  - to abate, to ease up, to die down 
menguar  - to decline, to decrease, to diminish, to lessen, to wane 
disminuir  - to lower, to reduce, to decrease, to lower, to drop, to fall 
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