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2 Translation results for whip in Spanish

noun | verb

whip noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
látigo, azote, fusta (de jinete); miembro de un cuerpo legislativo encargado de disciplina

Example sentences of
whip noun

  • The rider cracked his whip and the horse began to run.
  • Please do not use your belt as a whip.

whip verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
whipped, has whipped, is whipping, whips
agitarse; sacar (rápidamente), arrebatar; azotar; vencer, derrotar; incitar, despertar; batir (huevos, crema, etc.)

Example sentences of
whip verb

  • The jockey whipped his horse.
  • The riders were getting whipped around on the roller coaster.
  • He suddenly whipped out a gun.
  • He whipped off his jacket.
  • The flag was whipping in the strong wind.
  • A small branch whipped back and hit him.
  • The wind whipped the ship's sails.
  • The shortstop whipped the ball to first base.
  • The winger whipped a pass toward the net.

Synonyms of
whip verb

Phrasal verbs for whip

Reverse translation for whip

látigo  - whip 
azote  - whip, lash, spanking, licking, calamity, scourge 
fusta  (de jinete) - riding crop 
agitarse  - to toss about, to flap around, to get upset 
sacar  (rápidamente) - to kick off (in soccer or football), to pull out, to take out, to get, to obtain, to serve (in sports), to get out, to extract, to stick out, to bring out, to pull off, to introduce 
arrebatar  - to snatch, to seize, to captivate 
azotar  - to whip, to flog, to lash, to batter, to devastate, to afflict 
vencer  - to vanquish, to defeat, to win, to triumph, to expire, to overcome, to surmount, to fall due, to mature 
derrotar  - to defeat 
incitar  - to incite, to rouse 
despertar  - to arouse, to wake, to awaken, to wake up, to elicit, to evoke 
batir  (huevos, crema, etc.) - to beat, to hit, to defeat, to mix, to beat, to break (a record) 
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