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weird adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
misterioso; extraño, raro

Example sentences of
weird adjective

  • My little brother acts weird sometimes.
  • I heard a weird noise.
  • That's weird—I put my book down right here just a few minutes ago and now it's gone.

Synonyms of
weird adjective

Detailed synonyms for weird adjective

Weird, eerie, uncanny, unearthly significan misteriosamente extraño o fantástico.
  • Weird puede indicar una extrañeza sobrenatural o puede recalcar una cualidad rara o curiosa <heard a weird call from the woods>.
  • Eerie connota el estar nerviosa o temerosamente consciente de la presencia de poderes misteriosos o malignos <the eerie calm before the storm>.
  • Uncanny indica una cualidad rara o misteriosa que es desagradable o perturbadora <the woman's uncanny resemblance to his dead wife>.
  • Unearthly significa sobrenatural o extraño <an unearthly greenish glow>.

Reverse translation for weird

misterioso  - mysterious 
extraño  - strange, odd, foreign 
raro  - odd, strange, peculiar, unusual, rare, exceptional 
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