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3 Translation results for waste in Spanish

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waste verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
wasted, has wasted, is wasting, wastes
arrasar, arruinar, devastar; desperdiciar, despilfarrar, malgastar

Example sentences of
waste verb

  • Don't waste water during the summer drought.
  • He always wasted his money on useless gadgets.
  • Turn off the lights so we don't waste electricity.
  • I think he's just wasting my time.
  • We can't afford to waste so much food.
  • We can't afford to waste this opportunity.

Detailed synonyms for waste verb

1. Waste, squander, dissipate, fritter, consume, throw away significan gastar o utilizar inútilmente, o sin provecho o utilidad razonable o normal.
  • Waste suele indicar un gasto descuidado o despilfarrador <wasted her money on expensive clothes>, pero puede también indicar un gasto infructuoso o inútil <why waste time on this?>.
    antonyms: save, conserve
  • Squander recalca un gasto imprudente y derrochador que tiende a agotar los recursos <he felt he had squandered his life>.
  • Dissipate indica una pérdida como consecuencia de la extravagancia y suele indicar un agotamiento total de los recursos disponibles <realized they had dissipated all their resources>.
  • Fritter suele usarse con away, e indica el agotar uno sus recursos, poco a poco, en cosas sin importancia o un beneficio proporcionado <frittered away the entire afternoon>.
  • Consume puede indicar un gasto o desperdicio devorador <it took only ten minutes for the fire to consume the entire house>.
  • Throw away significa descartar o malgastar <she told him he had thrown away a great opportunity>.
2. See: Ravage

waste noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
derroche, desperdicio, despilfarro; basura, desechos, desperdicios; excremento

Example sentences of
waste noun

  • The current system causes a lot of waste.
  • We need to find ways to reduce unnecessary waste.
  • These old computers are still useful. It seems like such a waste to throw them away.
  • Any further investment would be a waste of valuable resources.
  • The city oversees waste disposal contracts.

Synonyms of
waste noun

waste adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
yermo, baldío; de desecho; sobrante

Example sentences of
waste adjective

  • waste acreage that was not fit for anything

Synonyms of
waste adjective

Phrasal verbs for waste

Reverse translation for waste

arrasar  - to level, to smooth, to devastate, to destroy, to fill to the brim 
arruinar  - to ruin, to wreck 
devastar  - to devastate 
desperdiciar  - to waste, to miss, to miss out on 
despilfarrar  - to squander, to waste 
malgastar  - to squander (resources), to waste (time, effort) 
derroche  - extravagance, waste 
desperdicio  - waste 
despilfarro  - extravagance, wastefulness 
basura  - garbage, waste, refuse, (brit.) rubbish 
desechos  - reject 
desperdicios  - waste 
excremento  - excrement 
yermo  - barren, deserted 
baldío  - fallow, uncultivated, useless, vain 
sobrante  - remaining, superfluous 
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