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3 Translation results for warm in Spanish

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warm adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
tibio, templado; caliente, cálido, caluroso; que abriga; cariñoso, cordial; cálido (dícese de colores); fresco, reciente

Example sentences of
warm adjective

  • Be sure to keep warm when you go outside.
  • We sat by the fire to stay warm.
  • It's too warm in here. We should open a window.
  • The sunshine was warm on my face.
  • We were met with a warm welcome.
  • She has a warm and friendly nature.
  • The letter was signed, “warmest regards.”
  • She gave us each a long, warm hug.
  • Keep going; you're getting warm.

Synonyms of
warm adjective

warm verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
warmed, has warmed, is warming, warms
calentar, recalentar; calentarse

Example sentences of
warm verb

  • He warmed his hands in front of the fire.
  • We warmed ourselves by the fire.
  • Air rises when it warms.

Synonyms of
warm verb

warm noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
warm noun

  • It's cold out there; come into the warm!

Phrasal verbs for warm

Related phrases for warm

Reverse translation for warm

tibio  - lukewarm, tepid, cool, unenthusiastic 
templado  - temperate, mild, moderate, restrained, warm, lukewarm, courageous, bold 
caliente  - hot, warm, heated, fiery, sexually excited, horny 
cálido  - hot, warm 
caluroso  - hot, warm, enthusiastic 
cariñoso  - affectionate, loving 
cordial  - cordial, affable, amicable 
cálido  (dícese de colores) - hot, warm 
fresco  - fresh, cool, insolent, nervy 
reciente  - recent 
calentar  - to heat, to warm, to annoy, to anger, to excite, to turn on 
recalentar  - to reheat, to warm up, to overheat 
calentarse  - to get warm, to heat up, to warm up (in sports), to become sexually aroused, to get mad 
calor  - heat, warmth, affection, ardor, passion 
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