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wait verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
waited, has waited, is waiting, waits
esperar; retrasar; servir, atender

Example sentences of
wait verb

  • I hate waiting in long lines.
  • They waited at the train station together.
  • You should have waited a little longer. He showed up right after you left.
  • I don't have time to wait around. If he's not here in five minutes, I'm leaving.
  • She waited behind after class to talk to the professor.
  • I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. How may I help you?
  • I waited and waited but he never showed up.
  • Wait! Don't start the engine yet.
  • We waited for the sun to set before starting the fire.
  • I know she was happy when I lost my job. She was waiting to see me fail.

Synonyms of
wait verb

¿Que preposiciones vienen después del verbo wait?
  • El verbo wait es seguido por la preposición for o, alternativamente, en inglés informal, la preposición on. Ejemplo: We are waiting for an important phone call. Otro ejemplo: He waited for her to start the conversation. Otro ejemplo: I had to wait on his answer before I could proceed with the project.

Detailed synonyms for wait verb

See: Stay

wait noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
wait noun

  • there was a long wait for the manager to come and help us

Phrasal verbs for wait

Related phrases for wait

Reverse translation for wait

esperar  - to wait, to wait for, to await, to expect, to hope 
retrasar  - to delay, to hold up, to put off, to postpone 
servir  - to serve, to be of use to, to work, to serve, to wait, to be of use, to be helpful, to fill (an order) 
atender  - to help, to wait on, to pay attention, to look after, to take care of, to heed, to listen to 
espera  - wait 
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