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2 Translation results for trend in Spanish

noun | verb

trend noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tendencia, moda
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New hair trend for men: the “man bun”

Example sentences of
trend noun

  • Digital technology is the latest trend in television.
  • There is a disturbing trend toward obesity in children.
  • the downward trend of the stock market

Detailed synonyms for trend noun

trend verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
trended, has trended, is trending, trends
tender, inclinarse

Example sentences of
trend verb

  • During the winter our school system trends toward canceling school at the drop of a hat — or at least a snowflake.
  • The river trends east, then west again, forming an oxbow.

Reverse translation for trend

tendencia  - tendency, inclination, trend 
moda  - fashion, style 
tender  - to spread out, to lay out, to hang out (clothes), to lay (cables, etc.), to set (a trap) 
inclinarse  - to lean, to lean over 
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