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tone up verb

unfavorite favorite
tonificar, vigorizar

tone noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
tone noun

  • He replied in a friendly tone.
  • They spoke in hushed tones.
  • Don't use that rude tone of voice with me.
  • the low tones of an organ
  • The speech had religious tones to it.
  • The author's tone shows her attitude toward the subject.
  • The professor's condescending tone irritated some students.
  • a bright, dark, or light tone of blue
  • the soft tones of the painting

Synonyms of
tone noun

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre tone y ton?
  • Tone se refiere a la calidad de la voz de una persona. Ton es una medida de peso que equivale a 2,000 libras. También se usa informalmente para decir que hay mucho de algo > We have a ton of work to do.

Reverse translation for tone up

vigorizar  - to strengthen, to invigorate 
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