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work verb

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worked, has worked, is working, works
trabajar; operar; funcionar, servir; lograr, conseguir (algo) con esfuerzo; efectuar, llevar a cabo, obrar (milagros); elaborar, fabricar, formar

Example sentences of
work verb

  • I started working when I was sixteen.
  • She works part-time at the restaurant.
  • She has always wanted to work in advertising.
  • She has to work two jobs to support her family.
  • She worked through lunch to get the report done.
  • I'm not working tomorrow—the boss gave me the day off.
  • He works about 60 hours a week.
  • The job requires that you work some nights and weekends.
  • She is used to working long hours.
  • She works the Northeast region of the state selling insurance.

Synonyms of
work verb

¿Sabes para que se usa works for?
  • En inglés informal, cuando algo works for you, significa que te queda bien. También tiene un significado más simple: trabajar para > She works for her uncle.

Reverse translation for to work

trabajar  - to work (metal), to work, to knead, to strive, to act, to perform, to till, to work on 
operar  - to operate, to function, to produce, to bring about, to deal, to do business, to operate on, to operate, to run (a machine) 
funcionar  - to function, to run, to work, (informal, figurative) to do the trick 
servir  - to serve, to be of use to, to work, to serve, to wait, to be of use, to be helpful, to fill (an order) 
lograr  - to get, to obtain, to achieve, to attain 
conseguir con esfuerzo  (algo) - to get, to obtain, to achieve, to attain, to manage to 
efectuar  - to carry out, to bring about 
obrar  (milagros) - to act, to behave, to work, to produce 
elaborar  - to make, to produce, to devise, to draw up 
fabricar  - to manufacture, to make 
formar  - to form, to make, to constitute, to make up, to train, to educate 
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