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light verb

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lit, has lit, is lighting, lights
encenderse, prender; iluminar, alumbrar; posarse; bajarse, apearse; encender, prenderle fuego a

Example sentences of
light verb

  • All it takes is a spark to light a match.
  • They used candles to light the room.

Detailed synonyms for light verb

Light, kindle, ignite, torch significan iniciar la combustión de algo.
  • Light suele indicar una acción para un fin específico, como iluminar, calentar, o fumar <lit a fire>.
    antonyms: extinguish
  • Kindle puede connotar una dificultad en el encendimiento de materiales combustibles, y es adecuado para expresar que se requiere de preparaciones especiales <the bonfire was kindled just after dark>, o bien puede connotar una excitación, provocación, o estímulo <this latest news kindled her interest>.
    antonyms: smother
  • Ignite al igual que kindle, recalca un encendimiento efectivo, pero suele aplicarse con mayor frecuencia a materiales sumamente inflamables <trying to find what had ignited the explosive gas>, o puede asimismo indicar el incitar una actividad <his fiery speech ignited a rebellion>.
  • Torch generalmente connota incendiar algo grande <someone had torched the building>.

Reverse translation for to light

encenderse  - to get excited, to blush 
prender  - to take root, to pin, to fasten, to catch fire, to catch, to apprehend, to catch on, to light (a cigarette, a match), to turn on 
iluminar  - to illuminate, to light (up), to enlighten 
alumbrar  - to light, to illuminate, to give birth to 
posarse  - to land, to light, to perch, to settle, to rest 
apearse  - to dismount, to get out of or off (a vehicle) 
encender  - to light, to light, to set fire to, to switch on, to start (a motor), to arouse, to kindle 
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