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travel verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
traveled, has traveled, is traveling, travels
viajar; desplazarse, moverse, ir

Example sentences of
travel verb

  • The birds are traveling south for the winter.
  • His job requires him to travel frequently.
  • She enjoys traveling around Europe.
  • They traveled cross-country from New York to California.
  • The pain traveled down his back.
  • the way that sound travels in an empty room
  • That car was really traveling when it passed us.
  • The order is traveling by plane.

Synonyms of
travel verb

¿Cómo se puede usar travel by?
  • Usa travel by seguido por el método de transporte (train, car, plane, foot, etc.). I traveled by train to Washington DC.
¿Cómo se deletrea correctamente? ¿Se dice traveling o travelling? Traveled o travelled?
  • En inglés americano, la l no se duplica cuando se agrega -ing o -ed, por lo tanto se dice traveling, traveled. En inglés británico, la l se duplica.

Reverse translation for to travel

viajar  - to travel, to journey 
moverse  - to move, to move over, to hurry, to get a move on, to get moving, to make an effort 
ir  - to go, to lead, to extend, to stretch, to work, to function, to get on, to get along 
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