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to touch lightly
tocar ligeramente
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touch verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
touched, has touched, is touching, touches
tocar, tentar; tocarse; conmover, afectar

Example sentences of
touch verb

  • Please do not touch the statue.
  • Slowly bend forward and try to touch your toes.
  • He tried to touch the snake with a stick.
  • The top of the Christmas tree almost touches the ceiling.
  • Sparks flew when the wires touched each other.
  • They were standing side-by-side with their shoulders touching.
  • Sparks flew when the wires touched.
  • Their house burned to the ground, but the house next door wasn't touched by the fire.

lightly adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
suavemente; ligeramente; a la ligera

Example sentences of
lightly adverb

  • He talks lightly about the problems he's been having at work.
  • She moved lightly across the room.
  • These vegetables can be eaten either raw or lightly cooked.
  • Our troops were armed too lightly to take on the heavily armed invaders.
  • Considering the harm he did, he's gotten off lightly with only a warning.
  • The judge let her off lightly with a short sentence.

Synonyms of
lightly adverb