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to swell with pride
para hincharse con orgullo
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swell verb

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swelled, has swollen, is swelling, swells
aumentar, crecer
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Wrapping a sprained ankle will help prevent it from swelling.

Example sentences of
swell verb

  • Her broken ankle swelled badly.
  • Heavy rains swelled the river.
  • The population has swelled in recent years.
  • The economy is swelling at an annual rate of five percent.
  • Immigrants have swelled the population.

pride noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
pride noun

  • Being able to work again gave him his pride back.
  • Getting caught cheating stripped him of his pride.
  • Pride would not allow her to give up.
  • It's a matter of pride that he does the work all by himself.
  • The novel is about a family consumed with pride and vanity.
  • They needed help, but their pride wouldn't let them ask for it.
  • I had to swallow my pride and admit I made a mistake.
  • He showed a great pride in his family.
  • These young people are the pride of their community.

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pride noun