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to suit the occasion
para adaptarse a la ocasión
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suit verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
suited, has suited, is suiting, suits
adaptar; convenir a, ser apropiado a; favorecer, quedarle bien (a alguien); agradecer, satisfacer, convenirle bien (a alguien)

Example sentences of
suit verb

  • This kind of behavior hardly suits a person of your age.
  • She gave a serious speech that suited the occasion.
  • The formal furniture really suited the style of the house.
  • The job suits her very well.

Synonyms of
suit verb

occasion noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
oportunidad, ocasión; motivo, razón; acontecimiento

Example sentences of
occasion noun

  • birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions
  • They marked the occasion with their families.
  • She wrote a song especially for the occasion.
  • Roses are the perfect flower for any occasion.
  • On the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary, they took a vacation to Paris.
  • We had occasion to watch her perform last summer.
  • The boys never had occasion to meet each other.
  • She never found an occasion to suggest her ideas.
  • He took the occasion to make an announcement.
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