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suggest verb

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suggested, has suggested, is suggesting, suggests
sugerir; indicar, dar a entender

Example sentences of
suggest verb

  • We suggested to the committee that they review the case again.
  • It was suggested that we leave early.
  • He suggested several different ways of dealing with the problem.
  • Who would you suggest for the job?
  • They suggested a restaurant we might want to try.
  • I suggest caution in a situation like this.
  • The evidence suggests arson as the cause of the fire.
  • There is nothing to suggest that the two events are connected.
  • As the name suggests, a yarn winder is a device used to wind balls of yarn.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Los verbos que siguen al verbo suggest siempre están en la forma básica. Por ejemplo: I suggest he meet her and talk this through. She suggested he buy a new car rather than fix the old one.

Detailed synonyms for suggest verb

1. Suggest, imply, hint, intimate, insinuate, indicate significan comunicar una idea indirectamente.
  • Suggest puede recalcar el poner en la mente como efecto de una asociación de ideas, de un despertar del deseo o del inicio de un hilo de pensamientos <this news suggests that the administration is less confident than it claims>.
  • Imply es cercano a suggest, pero puede indicar una relación más clara o más lógica entre la idea no expresada y la que se ha expresado <these latest statements imply that the policy has changed>.
    antonyms: express
  • Hint indica el uso de un indicio leve o remoto, con apenas un mínimo de declaración abierta <she hinted that she needed a job>.
  • Intimate recalca la delicadeza del indicio, sin connotar alguna falta de franqueza <he quietly intimated that his boss wasn't healthy>.
  • Insinuate se aplica al acto de comunicar una idea, normalmente desagradable, de manera taimada y poco limpia <insinuated that the marriage wasn't a happy one>.
  • Indicate connota señalar algo físicamente o sugerir algo bien sea verbalmente o de alguna otra manera <without quite saying so, she indicated that she approved>.
2. See: Propose

Reverse translation for to suggest

sugerir  - to suggest, to recommend, to propose, to suggest, to bring to mind 
indicar  - to indicate, to show 
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