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stop verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stopped, has stopped, is stopping, stops
detenerse, parar; tapar; impedir, evitar; cesar, terminar; detener; quedarse; dejar de

Example sentences of
stop verb

  • She was walking toward me, and then she suddenly stopped.
  • The bus stopped at the corner.
  • He stopped to watch the sun set.
  • He stopped to pick up a penny.
  • The car was going so fast that it couldn't stop in time.
  • The traffic light turned red, so she had to stop.
  • Stop that man! He stole my wallet.
  • They stopped us at the border to check our passports.
  • She stopped the car and turned back.
  • He was stopped by the police for speeding.

Detailed synonyms for stop verb

Stop, cease, quit, discontinue, desist, halt, leave off significan suspender la actividad o causar su suspensión.
  • Stop se aplica a la acción, al progreso o a lo que está operando o progresando, y puede indicar un carácter súbito y definitivo <stopped the conversation>.
    antonyms: start
  • Cease se aplica a estados, condiciones o a la existencia, y puede indicar un carácter gradual y un grado de finalidad <at nightfall the fighting ceased>.
  • Quit puede recalcar la finalidad o lo abrupto de la acción de parar o de cesar <the engine sputtered, then quit altogether>.
  • Discontinue se aplica al paro de una actividad o práctica habitual <the company has discontinued manufacturing trucks>.
    antonyms: continue
  • Desist indica abstención o control como el motivo para el paro o la cesación <a judge had ordered them to desist>.
    antonyms: persist
  • Halt significa parar, frecuentemente de repente <demonstrators had halted the traffic>.
  • Leave off significa detenerse o descontinuar, frecuentemente en una manera casual <started again where he had left off>.

Reverse translation for to stop

detenerse  - to stop, to delay, to linger 
parar  - to stop, to stop, to stand, to prop, to stay, to put up 
tapar  - to cover, to cover up, to block, to obstruct 
impedir  - to prevent, to block, to impede, to hinder 
evitar  - to avoid, (informal) to steer clear of, to prevent, to escape, to elude 
cesar  - to cease, to stop, to dismiss, to lay off 
terminar  - to finish, to end, to conclude, to stop, to end, to complete, to finish off, to wind up 
detener  - to arrest, to detain, to stop, to halt, to keep, to hold back 
quedarse  - to stay, to keep on 
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