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soften verb

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softened, has softened, is softening, softens
ablandar (algo sólido), suavizar (la piel, un golpe, etc.), amortiguar (un impacto); ablandarse, suavizarse

Example sentences of
soften verb

  • The butter will soften if left on the counter overnight.
  • The recipe called for one stick of butter, softened.
  • The oil is used to soften and preserve the leather.
  • The lotion softens dry skin.
  • The company has softened its stance on dating in the workplace.
  • Her face softened when he entered the room.
  • His criticism of the president has softened in the past year.
  • The grass softened my fall.

Reverse translation for to soften

ablandar  (algo sólido) - to moderate, to get milder, to soften, to soothe, to appease 
suavizar  (la piel, un golpe, etc.) - to soften, to smooth out, to tone down 
amortiguar  (un impacto) - to soften (an impact) 
ablandarse  - to become soft, to soften, to yield, to relent 
suavizarse  - to soften 
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