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show verb

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showed, has shown, is showing, shows
mostrar, enseñar; notarse, verse; aparecer, dejarse ver; demostrar, manifestar, revelar; probar; llevar, acompañar; proyectar (una película), dar (un programa de televisión)

Example sentences of
show verb

  • You have to show your tickets at the gate.
  • You're the only person that I've shown this letter to.
  • They showed the theory to be faulty.
  • You will have to show me how to play the game.
  • He showed them a card trick.
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¿Sabes el significado de show up?
  • Show up significa aparecer > The clown showed up at the start of the birthday party. Show up también significa ser visible > Some bone problems showed up on the x-ray.

Detailed synonyms for show verb

1. Show, manifest, evince, demonstrate, illustrate significan revelar hacia el exterior o hacer aparente.
  • Show indica que lo que se revela debe deducirse a partir de acciones, apariencias o palabras <his early poems showed real talent>.
  • Manifest indica una revelación más clara, más directa y más inmediata <manifested remarkable musical ability at an early age>.
  • Evince indica el mostrar mediante marcas o señales externas <he evinced no interest in the project>.
  • Demonstrate indica el mostrar mediante la acción o una muestra de sentimientos o evidencia <demonstrated her appreciation by sending a bouquet of flowers>.
  • Illustrate connota aclarar mediante un ejemplo <these deaths illustrate the dangers of an impure drugs market>.
2. Show, exhibit, display, expose, parade, flaunt, feature, present significan presentar de una manera que invita la atención.
  • Show indica el exponer a la vista para facilitar el ser visto o mirado por otros <showed his photos to the whole group>. ant disguise
  • Exhibit recalca el presentar de manera prominente o abierta <exhibited her paintings at a gallery>.
  • Display recalca el colocar en una posición para ser visto de manera provechosa o con gran claridad <displayed the new dresses in the store window>.
  • Expose connota el sacar del escondimiento y mostrar, a menudo con cierta connotación de desenmascaramiento <sought to expose the company's illegal activities>.
  • Parade indica el mostrar con ostentación o arrogancia <ladies parading in their expensive gowns>.
  • Flaunt añade a parade un carácter descarado, presumido, y a menudo ofensivo <flaunting their wealth>
  • Feature sugiere darle prominencia especial a algo <the show featured local musicians>.
  • Present significa el traer a la atención de alguien <presented a petition to the legislature>.

Reverse translation for to show

mostrar  - to show, to exhibit, to display 
enseñar  - to teach, to show, to display 
notarse  - to be evident, to show, to feel, to seem 
verse  - to find oneself, to look, to appear, to see each other, to meet 
aparecer  - to appear, to show up, to turn up, to be found 
demostrar  - to demonstrate, to show 
manifestar  - to demonstrate, to show, to declare 
revelar  - to reveal, to disclose, to develop (film) 
probar  - to demonstrate, to prove, to try, to test, to try out, to try on (clothing), to taste, to sample 
llevar  - to have, to lead, to take away, to carry, to wear, to take, to lead 
acompañar  - to accompany, to go with 
proyectar  (una película) - to plan, to throw, to hurl, to project, to cast (light or shadow), to show, to screen (a film) 
dar  (un programa de televisión) - to give, to suffice, to be enough, to deliver, to hand over, to hit, to strike, to yield, to produce, to perform, to give off, to emit 
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