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2 Translation results for to run out in Spanish

| verb

run out

unfavorite favorite
ran out, has ran out, is running out, runs out

Example sentences of
run out

  • The gasoline ran out before we got to Denver.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Hay tres usos idiomáticos comunes de run out:
    Time is running out. (No queda mucho tiempo)
    I am running out of gas o I am running out of steam. (Me estoy cansando)
    The team is running out the clock. (El equipo está gastando el tiempo del juego a propósito para prevenir que el otro equipo consiga puntos)

run out of verb

unfavorite favorite
ran out of, has ran out of, is running out of, runs out of
quedarse sin, agotar (algo)

Reverse translation for to run out

agotar  (se)
agotar  (algo) - to exhaust, to use up, to weary, to wear out, to sell out, to run out 
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