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to rub against
frotar contra
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rub verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
rubbed, has rubbed, is rubbing, rubs
frotar, restregar; friccionar, masajear; rozar; pulir; fregar

Example sentences of
rub verb

  • Could you rub my shoulders?
  • He blinked and rubbed his eyes.
  • The cat rubbed itself against my leg.
  • The cat rubbed against my leg.
  • Don't rub too hard or you'll tear the paper.
  • He rubbed his hands with glee.
  • There was a squeak when the boards rubbed together.
  • The back of my shoe is rubbing against my heel and giving me a blister.
  • There are marks where the chair has rubbed against the wall.
  • There are marks where the chair has been rubbing the wall.

Synonyms of
rub verb

against preposition

unfavorite favorite play sound
contra; en contra de

Example sentences of
against preposition

  • We must continue the struggle for justice and against injustice.
  • She voted against the proposal.
  • Exhausted, he leaned up against the wall.
  • He spoke against appeasing the enemy.
  • Some people were for the proposal but others were against it.
  • There's a law against doing that.
  • The two runners are racing against each other.
  • Touching the ball with your hands is against the rules.

Synonyms of
against preposition