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reach verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
reached, has reached, is reaching, reaches
extender, alargar; extenderse; alcanzar; llegar a, llegar hasta; contactar, ponerse en contacto con

Example sentences of
reach verb

  • She couldn't reach the apple. She was too short.
  • He couldn't reach the apple, even with a stick.
  • She can't reach that far.
  • We reached California after driving for two days.
  • Their land reaches the river.
  • Their land reaches to the river.
  • The phone cord doesn't reach.

Detailed synonyms for reach verb

Reach, gain, achieve, attain, accomplish, realize significan llegar a un punto o un fin por medio del esfuerzo o del trabajo.
  • Reach puede usarse en referencia a cualquier cosa a la que se llega con algún grado de esfuerzo <after a long climb we reached the top of the hill>.
  • Gain suele indicar una lucha para alcanzar una meta o un fin que se ha contemplado o deseado <gained self-confidence from the experience>.
    antonyms: forfeit, lose
  • Achieve puede recalcar la pericia o el aguante al igual que el esfuerzo requerido para alcanzar un fin <achieved success>.
    antonyms: miss
  • Attain recalca el acicate del anhelo o la ambición y connota el alcanzar lo extremo, lo raro o lo difícil <eventually attained a high reputation in his field>.
  • Accomplish connota el tener éxito al hacer algo <they have accomplished much in a short time>.
  • Realize sugiere lograr algo planificado o trabajado <realize a lifelong ambition>.

Reverse translation for to reach

extender  - to spread out, to stretch out, to broaden, to expand, to draw up (a document), to write out (a check) 
alargar  - to extend, to lengthen, to prolong 
extenderse  - to spread, to last 
alcanzar  - to reach, to suffice, to be enough, to catch up with, to achieve, to attain 
contactar  - to contact 
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