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prevent verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
prevented, has prevented, is preventing, prevents
prevenir, evitar; impedir

Example sentences of
prevent verb

  • Seatbelts in cars often prevent serious injuries.
  • Can exercise and a healthy diet prevent heart disease?
  • The accident could have been prevented.
  • He grabbed my arm to prevent me from falling.
  • Bad weather prevented us from leaving.
  • How are you going to prevent him from finding out about the party?

Detailed synonyms for prevent verb

Prevent, anticipate, forestall, preclude, avert, ward off, deter significan tratar de antemano, o evitar que algo venga u ocurra.
  • Prevent indica el tomar medidas de antemano contra algo que es posible o probable <health measures to prevent an epidemic>, o la creación de un obstáculo insuperable <the storm prevented us from going>.
    antonyms: permit, allow
  • Anticipate puede indicar el adelantarse a otro al establecerse como un precursor, o el frenar las intenciones de otro al ser el primero en actuar <she anticipated the firing by quitting first>.
  • Forestall indica el adelantarse con el fin de frenar o interrumpir algo en su curso o de volver una cosa ineficaz o inofensiva <seeking to forestall the expected invasion>.
  • Preclude indica la existencia de algún factor que elimina toda posibilidad de que una cosa pueda suceder o tomar efecto <the injury precluded a career in football>.
  • Avert indica el tomar medidas inmediatas y efectivas para evitar, repeler o contrarrestar un mal que amenaza <this time they barely averted disaster>.
  • Ward off connota un encuentro cercano y el uso de medidas defensivas <tried to ward off a cold with vitamin C>.
  • Deter connota causar que alguien decida no hacer algo <some customers will be deterred by the high prices>.

Reverse translation for to prevent

prevenir  - to prevent, to warn 
evitar  - to avoid, (informal) to steer clear of, to prevent, to escape, to elude 
impedir  - to prevent, to block, to impede, to hinder 
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