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to pay taxes
para pagar impuestos
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to, pay, taxes.

pay verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
paid, has paid, is paying, pays
pagar (una cuenta, a un empleado, etc.); valer la pena

Example sentences of
pay verb

  • Where do we pay to get in?
¿Cuál preposición sigue al verbo pay?
  • El verbo pay se seguido por la preposición for. For example: How much do I pay for this service? You pay for the goods after receiving them.

tax noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
impuesto, tributo; carga

Example sentences of
tax noun

  • The decision was made to raise taxes.
  • He was accused of evading taxes.
  • What was your income before taxes?
  • What is the amount of tax to be paid?
  • What was your income before tax?

Synonyms of
tax noun