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1 Translation result for to overtake in Spanish


overtake verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
overtook, has overtaken, is overtaking, overtakes
pasar, adelantar, rebasar

Example sentences of
overtake verb

  • She overtook the other runners and went on to win the race.
  • The sign says “No Overtaking.”
  • Seasickness can overtake passengers when the ship encounters a storm.

Reverse translation for to overtake

pasar  - to pass, to give, to pass, to go by, to come by, to pass (a test), to come in, to enter, to happen, to go over, to cross, to manage, to get by, to spend (time), to tolerate, to be over, to end, to go through, to suffer, to show (a movie, etc.), to overtake, to 
adelantar  - to advance, to move forward, to overtake, to pass, to reveal (information) in advance, to advance, to lend (money) 
rebasar  - to surpass, to exceed, to pass, to overtake 
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