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nurture verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
nurtured, has nurtured, is nurturing, nurtures
nutrir, alimentar; criar, educar; fomentar

Example sentences of
nurture verb

  • Teachers should nurture their students' creativity.
  • The study looks at the ways parents nurture their children.
  • This is a professor who nurtures any student who shows true interest in history.
  • You have to carefully nurture the vines if you want them to produce good grapes.
  • She nurtured a secret ambition to be a singer.

Synonyms of
nurture verb

Reverse translation for to nurture

nutrir  - to feed, to nourish, to foster, to provide 
alimentar  - to feed, to nourish, to support (a family), to nurture, to foster 
criar  - to breed, to bring up, to raise 
educar  - to educate, to bring up, to raise, to train 
fomentar  - to foment, to stir up, to promote, to foster 
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