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to mesh gears
para engranar engranajes
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mesh verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
meshed, has meshed, is meshing, meshes
engranar (dícese de las piezas mecánicas); enredarse; coordinarse, combinar

Example sentences of
mesh verb

  • They meshed traditions from several cultures into one wedding ceremony.
  • The book tries to mesh philosophy and humor.
  • The two plans mesh well.
  • The gears weren't meshing properly.

Synonyms of
mesh verb

gear noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ropa; efectos personales; equipo, aparejo, herramientas; rueda dentada; marcha, velocidad (de un vehículo)

Example sentences of
gear noun

  • I somehow managed to pack all my gear into one suitcase.
  • The soldiers were in full combat gear.
  • A watch contains complicated arrangement of gears.
  • My car has four forward gears.
  • Halfway up the hill, my bike slipped out of gear.