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level verb

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levelled, has levelled, is levelling, levels
nivelar, aplanar; apuntar (una pistola), dirigir (una acusación); rasar, arrasar

Example sentences of
level verb

  • They will level the field.
  • We need to level the garden before we plant anything.
  • The earthquake leveled the city.
  • He leveled his opponent with a right hook.
  • The robber leveled a gun at his head.
  • Several complaints have been leveled at the store.
  • Criticism has been leveled against the government for not responding to this crisis.

Synonyms of
level verb

¿Cuál es la forma correcta de escribir la palabra: leveling o levelling? ¿Leveled o levelled?
  • En inglés americano, la letra 'l' generalmente no se duplica cuando se agrega -ing o -ed, por lo tanto se escribe leveling y leveled. En inglés británico, la letra 'l' se duplica.

Reverse translation for to level

nivelar  - to level (out) 
aplanar  - to flatten, to level 
apuntar  (una pistola) - to aim, to point, to take aim, to become evident, to write down, to jot down, to point to, to point out, to prompt (in the theater) 
dirigir  (una acusación) - to direct, to lead, to address, to aim, to point, to conduct (music) 
rasar  - to skim, to graze, to level 
arrasar  - to level, to smooth, to devastate, to destroy, to fill to the brim 
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