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2 Translation results for to leave in Spanish

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leave verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
left, has left, is leaving, leaves
dejar, legar; irse, salir, partir, marcharse; abandonar; olvidarse de

Example sentences of
leave verb

  • She left her friends and went home.
  • You may leave your things in this room.

Detailed synonyms for leave verb

See: Abandon, Go, Let

take one's leave verb

unfavorite favorite

Reverse translation for to leave

dejar  - to leave, to abandon, to forsake, to let be, to let go, to allow, to permit 
legar  - to bequeath, to hand down, to delegate 
irse  - to leave, to go, to leak, to be used up, to be gone 
salir  - to go out, to come out, to get out, to set out, to leave, to depart, to appear, to project, to stick out, to cost, to come to, to turn out, to prove, to come up, to occur 
partir  - to cut, to split, to leave, to depart, to break, to crack, to share (out), to divide 
marcharse  - to leave 
abandonar  - to abandon, to leave, to give up, to quit, to drop out 
despedirse  - to take one's leave, to say good-bye 
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