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join verb

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joined, has joined, is joining, joins
unir, juntar; unirse; lindar con, colindar con; empalmar (dícese de las carreteras), confluir (dícese de los ríos); reunirse con, encontrarse con; hacerse socio de (una organización), afiliarse a (un partido), entrar en (una empresa)

Example sentences of
join verb

  • The islands are joined by a bridge.
  • He insisted that I join them for lunch.
  • We're going out for lunch. Would you like to join us?
  • The magician asked for a volunteer from the audience to join him on stage.
  • Everyone here joins me in congratulating you on a job well done!
  • The singer started alone but soon the whole audience joined in.
  • I joined the line and waited patiently to buy a ticket.
  • Hundreds of people have joined the effort to save the building from demolition.
  • He agreed to join the debate.
  • Join the Navy and see the world!

Detailed synonyms for join verb

Join, combine, unite, connect, link, associate, couple, affiliate, hitch significan poner o ponerse juntos, en alguna forma de unión.
  • Join indica el poner en algún grado de contacto o conjunción cosas que están claramente diferenciadas <joined with other consumers to sue the manufacturer>.
    antonyms: disjoin, part
  • Combine indica un fusionar o mezclar que confunde la identidad de cada unidad <combine the flour and sugar in a large bowl>.
    antonyms: separate
  • Unite recalca el lazo mediante el cual dos o más entidades individuales son vinculadas, e indica una mayor pérdida de identidad individual <two colonies united to form a single nation>.
    antonyms: alienate, disunite, divide
  • Connect connota un acoplamiento relajado o externo con poca o ninguna pérdida de identidad <a bridge connects the island to the mainland>.
    antonyms: disconnect
  • Link puede indicar un fuerte acoplamiento o inseparabilidad de elementos <wondered if the two events were linked in some way>.
  • Associate recalca el mero hecho de ocurrir o existir juntos en un espacio o en una secuencia lógica <a famous singer who associated with gangsters>.
  • Couple connota el unir dos cosas <an economic policy that coupled tax cuts with new military spending>.
  • Affiliate connota el conectarse muy de cerca con un programa u organización como miembro o socio <a small club affiliated with the national organization>.
  • Hitch connota el conectar dos objetos con un gancho o un nudo <hitched the trailer to their car>.

Reverse translation for to join

unir  - to unite, to join, to link, to combine, to blend 
juntar  - to unite, to combine, to put together, to collect, to gather together, to assemble, to close partway 
unirse  - to join together, to combine, to mix together 
empalmar  (dícese de las carreteras) - to meet, to converge, to splice, to link, to combine 
confluir  (dícese de los ríos) - to converge, to join, to gather, to assemble 
hacerse socio de  (una organización)
afiliarse a  (un partido)
entrar en  (una empresa)
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