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introduce verb

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introduced, has introduced, is introducing, introduces
presentar; introducir (algo nuevo), lanzar (un producto), presentar (una ley), proponer (una idea o un tema)

Example sentences of
introduce verb

  • Let me introduce myself: my name is John Smith.
  • They have been slow to introduce changes in procedure.
  • The designer is introducing a new line of clothes.
  • He introduced several issues during the meeting.
  • New evidence was introduced at the trial.
  • introduce a bill to Congress

Synonyms of
introduce verb

Detailed synonyms for introduce verb

Introduce, insert, insinuate, interpolate, interpose, interject significan poner entre otros.
  • Introduce es un término general que denota el meter o poner a una persona o cosa dentro de un grupo o un cuerpo ya existente <introduced a new topic>.
    antonyms: withdraw
  • Insert indica el poner entre otros objetos dentro de un espacio fijo o abierto <inserted a clause in the contract>.
    antonyms: extract
  • Insinuate indica una introducción lenta, cuidadosa y a veces ingeniosa <insinuated himself into the conversation>.
  • Interpolate se aplica a la inserción de algo superfluo o falso <interpolated several of her own comments into the report>.
  • Interpose connota el insertar algo que obstruye o causa una demora <at this point he interposed some objections of his own>.
  • Interject indica una introducción abrupta o forzosa de algo que irrumpe o interrumpe <she quickly interjected a question>.

Reverse translation for to introduce

presentar  - to present, to show, to offer, to give, to submit (a document), to launch (a product), to introduce (a person) 
introducir  (algo nuevo) - to introduce, to bring in, to insert, to input, to enter 
lanzar  (un producto) - to throw, to hurl, to pitch, to launch, to roll out 
presentar  (una ley) - to present, to show, to offer, to give, to submit (a document), to launch (a product), to introduce (a person) 
proponer  (una idea o un tema) - to propose, to suggest, to nominate 
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