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intervene verb

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intervened, has intervened, is intervening, intervenes
transcurrir, pasar; intervenir, interceder, mediar

Example sentences of
intervene verb

  • Twenty years intervened between their first and last meetings.
  • The prisoner asked me to intervene with the authorities on his behalf.
  • The military had to intervene to restore order.
  • We will leave on time unless some crisis intervenes.

Synonyms of
intervene verb

Detailed synonyms for intervene verb

See: Interfere

Reverse translation for to intervene

transcurrir  - to elapse, to pass 
pasar  - to pass, to give, to pass, to go by, to come by, to pass (a test), to come in, to enter, to happen, to go over, to cross, to manage, to get by, to spend (time), to tolerate, to be over, to end, to go through, to suffer, to show (a movie, etc.), to overtake, to 
intervenir  - to control, to supervise, to take part, to audit, to intervene, to intercede, to operate on, to tap (a telephone) 
interceder  - to intercede 
mediar  - to mediate, to be in the middle, to be halfway through, to elapse, to pass, to be a consideration, to come up, to happen 
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