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to group together
para agrupar
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group verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
grouped, has grouped, is grouping, groups

Example sentences of
group verb

  • You should group the invertebrates by genus.
  • Group the kids together and we'll see who's missing.

Synonyms of
group verb

together adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
juntamente, juntos (el uno con el otro)

Example sentences of
together adverb

  • They went to the party together.
  • They have been living together for eight years.
  • We enjoy spending time together.
  • The old friends were together again after many long years apart.
  • The partners have been in business together since 1971.
  • They gathered together to celebrate.
  • The presentation binds together several concepts.
  • The old fence was held together by chicken wire.
  • two sticks of dynamite bound together by tape
  • She got back together with her old boyfriend.