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govern verb

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governed, has governed, is governing, governs
gobernar; determinar, controlar, guiar; dominar (las emociones, etc.)

Example sentences of
govern verb

  • The tribe is governed by a 10-member council.
  • They want to form their own country and govern themselves.
  • The scandal limited her ability to govern effectively.
  • How would he govern if he were elected president?
  • She suggested changing the state's laws governing the sale of alcohol.
  • The council governs fishing in the region.
  • We will be studying the forces that govern the Earth's climate.
  • Tradition governs all aspects of their lives.
  • He allows himself to be governed by his emotions.

Synonyms of
govern verb

Detailed synonyms for govern verb

Govern, rule, reign significan ejercer poder o autoridad en el control de otros.
  • Govern indica el mantener en un curso fijo o en buena función para el bien del individuo o del todo <governing the country requires more than an ability to read poll results>.
  • Rule puede indicar simplemente poseer el poder de imponer leyes o dar órdenes que tienen que ser cumplidas, pero con frecuencia connota el ejercicio de un poder despótico o arbitrario <a dictator who ruled by terror>.
  • Reign connota ejercer autoridad en la manera de un monarca <at city hall the mayor reigns supreme>.

Reverse translation for to govern

gobernar  - to govern, to govern, to rule, to steer, to steer, to sail (a ship) 
determinar  - to determine, to cause, to bring about, to nail down 
controlar  - to control, to monitor, to check 
guiar  - to guide, to lead, to manage 
dominar  (las emociones, etc.) - to dominate, to predominate, to prevail, to master, to be proficient at 
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