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flare up

unfavorite favorite
(fuego) estallar, reavivarse; (figurado) exacerbarse, inflamar, brotar

Example sentences of
flare up

  • The fire in the hotel kept flaring up, and the firefighters couldn't put it out.
  • The conflict started to flare up again after several months of quiet.
  • He suddenly flared up and asked me never to mention that issue again.
  • Her fever flared up, but the doctors were still optimistic about her condition.


unfavorite favorite play sound
estallido (de una epidemia); estallido (de fuego); arrebato

Example sentences of

  • Keep a safe distance from the fire pit in case there's a flare-up.
  • This year there has been a small flare-up of Ebola in Africa.

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