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2 Translation results for to feed in Spanish

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feed verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
fed, has fed, is feeding, feeds
comer, alimentarse; dar de comer a, nutrir, alimentar (a una persona); alimentar (un fuego o una máquina), proveer (información), introducir (datos)

Example sentences of
feed verb

  • He was too weak to feed himself.
  • We feed the plants with a special fertilizer twice a week.
  • We fed the horses with apples, oats, and hay.
  • The children fed apples to the horses.
  • These supplies could feed a small army for a week.
  • He doesn't earn enough to feed a family of four.
  • helping to feed and clothe poor children
  • They used the wood to feed the fire.
  • The streams feed the creek.
  • The motor is fed by an electrical current.

fee verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
feed, has feed, is feing, fees
remunerar, pagar

Example sentences of
fee verb

  • the townspeople fee country lasses as housemaids, nurses, and cooks

Reverse translation for to feed

comer  - to eat, to consume, to eat up, to eat into, to have a meal 
nutrir  - to feed, to nourish, to foster, to provide 
alimentar  (a una persona) - to feed, to nourish, to support (a family), to nurture, to foster 
alimentar  (un fuego o una máquina) - to feed, to nourish, to support (a family), to nurture, to foster 
proveer  (información) - to provide, to supply 
introducir  (datos) - to introduce, to bring in, to insert, to input, to enter 
remunerar  - to pay, to remunerate 
pagar  - to pay, to pay, to pay for, to repay 
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