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to deprive of hope
para privar de esperanza
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deprive verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
deprived, has deprived, is depriving, deprives

Example sentences of
deprive verb

  • working those long hours was depriving him of his sleep
  • one of scores of bishops who had been deprived after the anticlericals came to power

hope noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
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This man gazes in hope toward the light.

Example sentences of
hope noun

  • When they started their life together, they were young and full of hope.
  • Rescuers have not yet abandoned hope that more survivors will be found.
  • The drug has brought hope to thousands of sufferers.
  • We allowed ourselves to entertain hopes that the crisis would end soon.
  • The goal raised the hopes of the team.
  • The hope is that there will be a settlement soon.
  • The lawyers do not want to raise false hopes of an early settlement.
  • He told them the truth with the hope that they would understand.
  • He had little hope of attending college.
  • The latest reports hold out hope for a possible end to this crisis.