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to crowd around
para aglomerar alrededor
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crowd verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
crowded, has crowded, is crowding, crowds
aglomerarse, amontonarse; atestar, atiborrar, llenar

Example sentences of
crowd verb

  • Boxes crowded the floor of my apartment.
  • There are too many products crowding the market.
  • The club has been accused of crowding too many people into too small a space.
  • By the end of the 10th mile, three bicyclists were crowding the racer in front.
  • Please move back. You're crowding me.

around adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
de circunferencia; alrededor, a la redonda; por ahí; más o menos, aproximadamente

Example sentences of
around adverb

  • Don't take the long way around: I know a shortcut.
  • He entered the room and looked around.
  • This is a very interesting town: let me show you around.
  • I'm not sure where it is, but it must be around somewhere.
  • It's safer when there are other people around.
  • I'd like to speak to him if he's around.

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around adverb