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commit verb

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committed, has committed, is committing, commits
encomendar, confiar; internar (en un hospital), encarcelar (en una prisión); cometer

Example sentences of
commit verb

  • The massacre was committed by the rebel army.
  • The contract commits the company to finishing the bridge by next fall.
  • He keeps delaying his decision because he doesn't want to commit himself.
  • They have not yet committed to a particular course of action.

Synonyms of
commit verb

Detailed synonyms for commit verb

Commit, entrust, consign significan asignar (algo) a una persona o un lugar, especialmente con el fin de guardar o poner en buen recaudo.
  • Commit puede expresar la idea general de entregar al cargo de otro <commit his child to her care>, o el sentido especial de transferir a un poder superior o a un lugar de custodia <committed the two drug dealers to prison>.
  • Entrust indica el asignar con confianza y seguridad <the president is entrusted with broad powers>.
  • Consign connota una transferencia que quita una cosa del control inmediato de uno <consigned my paintings to a gallery for sale>.

Reverse translation for to commit

encomendar  - to entrust, to commend 
confiar  - to confide, to have trust, to be trusting, to entrust 
internar  (en un hospital) - to commit, to confine 
encarcelar  (en una prisión) - to incarcerate, to imprison 
cometer  - to commit 
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