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beg verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
begged, has begged, is begging, begs
mendigar, pedir limosna; pedir, suplicar

Example sentences of
beg verb

  • He begged her to forgive him.
  • He begged the doctor for medicine.
  • She begged him to read the story again.
  • He begged that she would forgive him.
  • children begging strangers for food
  • children begging food from strangers
  • begging a favor of someone
  • He's too proud to beg.
  • “Does your dog know any tricks?” “She knows how to beg.”
  • A homeless man begs on that corner every day.

Synonyms of
beg verb

Detailed synonyms for beg verb

Beg, entreat, implore, plead significan pedir o solicitar con urgencia.
  • Beg connota seriedad o insistencia, particularmente en la petición de un favor <children begging to stay up later>.
  • Entreat indica un esfuerzo de persuadir o de vencer la resistencia por parte de otro <entreated him to change his mind>.
  • Implore tiende a connotar una mayor urgencia o angustia en la solicitud <implored her not to leave him>.
  • Plead implica un pedido intenso y frecuentemente desesperado <pleading for help>.

Reverse translation for to beg

mendigar  - to beg, to beg for 
pedir  - to order, to ask for, to request, to beg, to order (food, merchandise) 
suplicar  - to entreat, to implore, to supplicate 
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