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appear verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
appeared, has appeared, is appearing, appears
aparecer, aparecerse, presentarse; salir, publicarse; comparecer (ante el tribunal), actuar (en el teatro); parecer

Example sentences of
appear verb

  • She appears a nice enough person.
  • Winning the election appears unlikely at this point.
  • One by one, the stars appeared in the sky.
  • The sun began to appear from behind the clouds.
  • The airplanes seemed to appear out of nowhere.
  • The storm disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.
  • The cat appears at our kitchen door every morning.
  • One of the guests appeared a few minutes late.
  • He appeared a little before eight last night.

Synonyms of
appear verb

Detailed synonyms for appear verb

See: Seem

Reverse translation for to appear

aparecer  - to appear, to show up, to turn up, to be found 
aparecerse  - to appear 
presentarse  - to show up, to appear, to arise, to come up, to introduce oneself 
salir  - to go out, to come out, to get out, to set out, to leave, to depart, to appear, to project, to stick out, to cost, to come to, to turn out, to prove, to come up, to occur 
comparecer  (ante el tribunal) - to appear (in court) 
actuar  (en el teatro) - to act, to perform 
parecer  - to seem, to look, to appear to be, to think, to have an opinion, to like, to be in agreement 
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