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2 Translation results for timing in Spanish

noun | verb

timing noun

unfavorite favorite
tiempo, hora, momento

Example sentences of
timing noun

  • The timing of the sale could not have been better.
  • Her timing was a little off and she missed the shot.
  • an athlete with impeccable timing

time verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
timed, has timed, is timing, times
fijar la hora de, calcular el momento oportuno para; cronometrar, medir el tiempo de (una competencia, etc.)

Example sentences of
time verb

  • They timed their vacation to coincide with the jazz festival.
  • He timed it so that he made the shot just before the clock ran out.
  • She timed the shot perfectly.
  • The runners are timed with special watches.
  • He timed the students as they completed their tests.

Synonyms of
time verb

Reverse translation for timing

tiempo  - time, period, age, season, moment, weather, tempo (in music), half (in sports), tense (in grammar) 
hora  - hour, time, appointment 
momento  - moment, instant, time, period of time, present, moment, momentum 
cronometrar  - to time, to clock 
medir el tiempo de  (una competencia, etc.)
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