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noun | verb

tie noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ligadura, cuerda, cordón (para atar algo); atadura, vínculo, lazo; empate (en deportes); corbata
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Example sentences of
tie noun

  • He was wearing a suit and tie.
  • You have a spot on your tie.
  • The pants have a tie at the top.
  • He was not ready to accept the ties of family life.

Synonyms of
tie noun

tie verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tied, has tied, is tying, ties
atar, amarrar; empatar; ligar

Example sentences of
tie verb

  • His kidnappers tied him to a chair.
  • She tied a scarf around her neck.
  • She tied knots in the rope.
  • You need to tie your shoe.
  • His hands and feet had been tied together.
  • She tied the apron loosely around her waist.
  • The team still has a chance to tie.
  • I had the lead but he tied me by making a birdie on the last hole.
  • Her time tied the world record.
  • He tied the school's record in the high jump.

Synonyms of
tie verb

Detailed synonyms for tie verb

Tie, bind, moor, lash significan hacer fijo o seguro.
  • Tie indica el uso de una cuerda, como una soga, una cadena o una tira, para unir una cosa que puede moverse a una cosa que es estable <tying a ribbon around the gift package>.
    antonyms: loose, undo, untie
  • Bind indica el uso de una banda o un lazo para unir dos o más cosas con firmeza <the shared history that binds old friends together>.
    antonyms: loose, unloose, releas
  • Moor connota asegurar algo, generalmente un bote, con un cable o un ancla <moored the small boat to the dock>.
  • Lash connota atar algo con, o como si fuese con, una cuerda <lashed the huge fish to the side of his boat>.

Phrasal verbs for tie

Related phrases for tie

Reverse translation for tie

ligadura  - tie, bond, ligature 
cuerda  - cord, rope, string 
cordón  (para atar algo) - cord, cordon 
atadura  - tie, bond 
vínculo  - tie, link, bond 
lazo  - link, bond, bow, ribbon, lasso, lariat 
empate  (en deportes) - draw, tie, (figurative) dead heat 
corbata  - tie, necktie 
atar  - to tie, to tie up, to tie down 
amarrar  - to moor (a boat), to fasten, to tie up, to tie down 
empatar  - to tie, to connect, to result in a draw, to be tied 
ligar  - to bind, to tie (up) 
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